Henrik Lauridsen

„Revolutionizing growth through new ideas, new visions, strategic
leadership and business model innovation – that is my focus!

Many companies and industries still risk to lose out on the
current rapid change and market development. Digitalization
is not a matter of technical process optimization – much
more it is about strategic leadership and future survival.
Learning and adapting from other industries, being able to
“connect the dots” and innovate your business model – that
is what it is all about!”


Before founding NORDKRON in 2012, Henrik Lauridsen had acquired substantial executive management and entrepreneurial experience through various positions. Starting his professional career in sales (B2C), he took up residence in Madrid, where he owned a small trading/retail company, before he in 1999 went into the service industry.

As CFO, he came to Germany in 2001, working for an international health care service provider, with about three thousand employees in Germany. The main focus was on M&A, integration, change management, development and professionalization. After 5 ½ years, he was offered the position as CEO (within the group) responsible for building a new nationwide business for the German Industry- and Service segment. His main focus was the strategic development, M&A (Buy&Build), organic growth, Customer- and Portfolio development, change management and operational excellence. After approx. 6 years, the company had reached national-wide coverage, employing about 700 employees, and was highly profitably.

Previous companies

GERBUS Academy
Berendsen Textilservice GmbH
Berendsen GmbH

M.sc. in Economics & Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School

Languages: Danish, German, English and Spanish