Integrating Growth

Mergers and Acquisitions continue to be an important, and sometimes even necessary, path in order to reach profit ambitions and significant strategic growth. Apart from the selection of targets, the decision – and the transaction process, the integration and the build-up of the future organization holds the key to success.

Whether as part of a “Buy & Build”-, Innovation- or Consolidation Strategy – Mergers & Acquisitions are complex: What is the goal of the merger or acquisition, which targets are available – and even suitable? How is the business case and how can the transaction process, including due diligence and negotiations, be effectively and result-oriented managed? What are the plans for the post-merger integration and who are the key players imperative for a successful execution? And how can a viable and sustainable joint company culture be developed?

Based on our long-term management and operative experience, we support clients in every aspect from the development of a M&A-strategy, through the search and identification of suitable targets, support during the transaction process and the implementation of the Post-Merger Integration plan.

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