Dirk Behrens

„To question, adapt and optimize business models looking at the
fast-changing market environments and the digitalization, to find
new options for growth and to setup and optimize marketing, sales
and R&D organizations, supporting these – that’s my focus.

Many organizations today are still focused on selling their technologies
instead of offering solutions for the problems of their customers. If so,
Marketing is often seen only as a vehicle to communicate into the
market. To be prepared for the foreseeable future, companies need
a clear focus to offer value for their customer and an organization,
which understands this a their key mission."


After his PhD in Electrical Engineering working on Computer Aided Design, Dirk started with an international semiconductor company, working for 6 years in Silicon Valley, USA. He led a multi-cultural team for the development of a new 32-bit microcontroller and related applications. Still in US, Dirk managed the acquisition and integration of a Silicon Valley start-up company working on Gb IP/Ethernet switching technology and drove the spread of this technology into the traditional DSL/DSLAM and 2G/3G wireless markets.

Back in Germany, 2003, Dirk took responsibility for the Automotive strategy of a 3.5B business with sensors, microcontrollers and power components. After that he led the EMEA business of a Canadian 2D/3D Computer graphics vendor and drove the beginning of the GPU Technology, nowadays used in Artificial Intelligence and self-learning systems. In 2007 Dirk took Marketing responsibility for a company in the field of sensors for Automotive and Industrial Automation and in his last assignment he led the international Automotive business of a magnetic sensor and motion control company and managed over 100 engineers in R&D, Marketing, Application Engineering and Communication/PR.

Previous companies

Micronas AG (now part of TDK)
ZMDI GmbH (now part of IDT)
ATI Inc. (now part of AMD)
Infineon Technologies AG (former Siemens Semiconductor)

Diploma and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Leibniz University of Hanover; B.S. in Economics from University of Hagen; MBA from Babson College, Boston

Languages: German, English